Make your Insta SING!

Girl Bosses Australia Blog Team Member: Lauren Peters,,  @meandmygirl


My fave social media channel (by far!) is Instagram. If I could live inside my Instagram accounts, life would be pretty cool and very colourful!

Before I started blogging, I created a personal account, with image themes such as colour, light, architecture, typography, shadows, urban textures and symmetry.

Fast forward four years to my blog account, where I work really hard to create images to connect with my followers.

So, how do you cut through on Instagram? I’m no expert but here’s a few of my top tips for creating an engaging account.

  1. Curate your feed

Look at your feed like a gallery, as if you were curating images for an exhibition. When you’re about to post, think about the new image and the images that came before it. Look at the colours, shapes and feel of the image and make sure it sits well next to the most recent image.

meandmygirl_GBA_1 #meandmygirl #meandmygirlblog #girlbossesaustralia

meandmygirl_GBA_1A #meandmygirl #meandmygirlblog #girlbossesaustralia

  1. Shake it up!

If your feed is looking a little busy, shoot something on a white/light coloured background. If it’s looking a bit same/same, break it up with colour. If you are a brand with a product, break up the product shots with interesting quotes and/or mantras.

meandmygirl_GBA_2 #meandmygirl #meandmygirlblog #girlbossesaustralia


  1. Embrace colour

Bright colourful images stand out against the millions of images with white backgrounds. If my feed is looking a little flat, I shoot an image of the sky, or flowers (etc) and overlay a fun quote to stand out. Creating images and/or quotes using signature colours from your logo/branding, also adds consistency to your feed.

meandmygirl_GBA_3 #meandmygirl #meandmygirlblog #girlbossesaustralia

  1. Get quirky

Shoot from different angles – from above (birds eye view looking down), looking up, from down low to make eye contact with eg. children and animals.

Look for straight lines – if it’s a landscape shot, make sure the horizon line is straight. When shooting against a brick wall, line up the bricks so they’re straight.

Use the grid lines on your iPhone. (See Settings > Photos & Camera > Scroll down to > Camera and Grid > Switch on). I use these all the time to maintain straight lines and balance.

meandmygirl_GBA_4 #meandmygirl #meandmygirlblog #girlbossesaustralia

  1. Be prolific

I am constantly taking shots for the blog, so I have a huge library of images to draw from. If you’re at the market, take a shot of your fave fresh flowers and get in on fun hashtags like #floralfriday. Let your eyes be your viewfinder and see life through a lens. Take LOTS of photos and you’ll have LOTS of original content.

  1. Get your cheeky on!

Great images are one thing, but a clever caption can take your great image to the next level. Have some fun with your captions. Keep it short and sweet and invite your followers to engage with you by asking questions.

I’ve also become a big fan of photographic and creative apps like Word Swag, VSCO Cam, Canva, Frame Magic, Hyperlapse and Flipagram. I could go on but I’m pretty sure I’m at my word count limit!


Hope you found this useful and happy creating!

Lauren xo

Me & My Girl





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