Dreams, Passion & No Regrets

GBA Blogger, Sally Davies


In this sometimes-crazy world that we live in, I found a place of peace this week in chatting with Rachael Cox, Founder and CEO of:

Mobile application: ‘Child of the Week’




On-line radio station: ‘Radio Bambini’


Rachael’s ‘more than a decade-long dream’ was to provide a better environment for children to live and learn. Fast-forward many years and after finding herself in an expat environment she now had the platforChild of the week app am.pngm to make that into a reality.
‘Child of the Week’ is an app designed to create peace and harmony in the home by helping to eliminate sibling rivalry.  Taking turns as the leader, children can learn to honour other people’s choices and gain a sense of responsibility.  The system includes perks and chores!

‘Radio Bambini’ is an audio-only, on-line computer site.  It encourages the newer generation to listen and use their imagination.  It is a great alternative to television and iPads!  Creating a predictable routine for children and their carers through a 7-segment format that can be used throughout the whole day.

Radio BambiniSurrounding herself with other talented and passionate people has been key.  There is an incredible team that make-up the Bambini family many of whom Rachael has known and admired for years.

Radio BambiniLaunching and operating a business in a foreign country can be a daunting experience but according to the many people I have interviewed it seems that the Singaporean government has made the process of foreigners working and opening business an easier process than most.  Offering grants and making the process clear whilst imposing a more favorable tax regime has certainly helped Rachael.


Moving to Asia opened up a whole new world for Rachael.  Through her travels she discovered Cambodia and has fallen in love with the country and the plights of their people.  Her business now helps to support 4 charities that provide assistance to women and children in countries including Cambodia and Australia.

– The Hunger Project Australia


– Cambodian Children’s Fund https://www.cambodianchildrensfund.org

– Tabitha Foundation


  • Children’s Ground


Rachael walks the talk!  This is a mother of four beautiful children who is passionate, inspiring and willing to put fear aside to pursue her dreams.

It’s not easy to find genuine warmth but Rachael oozes it.  She left me feeling brighter.

Do yourself a favor, download the app, tune into Radio Bambini.

This world needs more people like Rachael Cox; her grandmother would be proud.



HELL YEAH! or bust

Girl Bosses Australia Blog team member Nelle Georges bit.ly/iyshine


The ART of Saying No. 

There is a weasel-y little Bieber devouring us slower than the release of the latest Kardashian episodes (I mean FO SHIZ, wasn’t that in all the mags in February?). The weasel I speak of, is People Pleasing. And it is to your SHINY BIZ as celery sticks are to your belly. Seemingly satisfying for a moment until you realise that you are still DAMN hungry and it actually tasted like crunchy boredom.


If you are not saying “HELL YEAH!”, doing interpretive dance, poppin’ confetti or clinkety-clinking your champagne glasses…

… chances are, you are People Pleasing. And that shit will leave you a soul-less shadow quicker than you can say ‘John Mayer’. If it is not aligned with your purpose or passion, why bother? I mean why the ACTUAL, are you not out sourcing that? I know there is so much in business where we can easily say out sourcing is necessary, but what about those pesky tasks that you should be doing, and worse, the stuff in your private life? Ummmmm, Ironing, anyone

Outsourcing, in biz and life, can be the difference between you LOVING your life or merely dealing with the daily grind (not coffee- we LOVE coffee).

You are honestly doing no one a favour by saying yes to something that you are not passionate about. They are getting a dodgy job done, which probably took WAAAAYYYY longer than required and you end up resentful. That’s why I created The ART of Saying No; a few quick rules that will help you ascertain if something is right for you.

A- Are you passionate about it? If you are passionate about the topic/ request/ situation GO FOR IT! This is a match made in heaven. If you are not passionate about it, explain that there are people who have a passion for this that would better serve the situation. Passion + Opportunity = Biz MAGIC.

R- Relative? Is the happiness of the person asking relative to your happiness? By helping this person will the benefits ripple throughout your life?

T- Time and space- Do you have the time and space to thoughtfully consider, plan and implement the request? Does the thought of helping feel comfortable for you, or is it stressful?

Now, apply the ART to your schedule, and see how much of your day is free for you to embrace your AWESOMENESS, and how much is People Pleasing. 

Remember, we People Please OURSELVES as often as we do others. As incredible girl bosses, we regularly take on tasks beyond our skill level because we feel we HAVE to do it. You are in this BIZ for some absolute spark of MAGIC within you, that only YOU can offer the world. Why the hell are you battling BAS and the backend of WordPress? Get a VA, and focus on your unique GIFT, that which sets you apart from everyone else in the business world.

Know also, that by saying NO to the things that do not serve you, you are effectively saying YES to more of the dopamine-inducing, Tahiti-suntanning, salted-caramel, Girl Boss goodness that is your DIVINE PURPOSE . 

Nelle Georges is a Bachelor qualified Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, and Creator of the Ignite Your SHINE program. Checkity-check out what the program is about here bit.ly/iyshine

Make your Insta SING!

Girl Bosses Australia Blog Team Member: Lauren Peters, www.meandmygirl.com.au,  @meandmygirl


My fave social media channel (by far!) is Instagram. If I could live inside my Instagram accounts, life would be pretty cool and very colourful!

Before I started blogging, I created a personal account, with image themes such as colour, light, architecture, typography, shadows, urban textures and symmetry.

Fast forward four years to my blog account, where I work really hard to create images to connect with my followers.

So, how do you cut through on Instagram? I’m no expert but here’s a few of my top tips for creating an engaging account.

  1. Curate your feed

Look at your feed like a gallery, as if you were curating images for an exhibition. When you’re about to post, think about the new image and the images that came before it. Look at the colours, shapes and feel of the image and make sure it sits well next to the most recent image.

meandmygirl_GBA_1 #meandmygirl #meandmygirlblog #girlbossesaustralia

meandmygirl_GBA_1A #meandmygirl #meandmygirlblog #girlbossesaustralia

  1. Shake it up!

If your feed is looking a little busy, shoot something on a white/light coloured background. If it’s looking a bit same/same, break it up with colour. If you are a brand with a product, break up the product shots with interesting quotes and/or mantras.

meandmygirl_GBA_2 #meandmygirl #meandmygirlblog #girlbossesaustralia


  1. Embrace colour

Bright colourful images stand out against the millions of images with white backgrounds. If my feed is looking a little flat, I shoot an image of the sky, or flowers (etc) and overlay a fun quote to stand out. Creating images and/or quotes using signature colours from your logo/branding, also adds consistency to your feed.

meandmygirl_GBA_3 #meandmygirl #meandmygirlblog #girlbossesaustralia

  1. Get quirky

Shoot from different angles – from above (birds eye view looking down), looking up, from down low to make eye contact with eg. children and animals.

Look for straight lines – if it’s a landscape shot, make sure the horizon line is straight. When shooting against a brick wall, line up the bricks so they’re straight.

Use the grid lines on your iPhone. (See Settings > Photos & Camera > Scroll down to > Camera and Grid > Switch on). I use these all the time to maintain straight lines and balance.

meandmygirl_GBA_4 #meandmygirl #meandmygirlblog #girlbossesaustralia

  1. Be prolific

I am constantly taking shots for the blog, so I have a huge library of images to draw from. If you’re at the market, take a shot of your fave fresh flowers and get in on fun hashtags like #floralfriday. Let your eyes be your viewfinder and see life through a lens. Take LOTS of photos and you’ll have LOTS of original content.

  1. Get your cheeky on!

Great images are one thing, but a clever caption can take your great image to the next level. Have some fun with your captions. Keep it short and sweet and invite your followers to engage with you by asking questions.

I’ve also become a big fan of photographic and creative apps like Word Swag, VSCO Cam, Canva, Frame Magic, Hyperlapse and Flipagram. I could go on but I’m pretty sure I’m at my word count limit!


Hope you found this useful and happy creating!

Lauren xo

Me & My Girl




Have yourself a very ‘Insta’ Christmas

Girl Bosses Australia Blog Team Member: Zerin Hassan, Insincerely Her, @zerinhassan  


With only a few weeks left until Santa makes his way down our chimneys, you might experience at least one of the following at your local shopping center:

  • Annoying carols being played over the speakers
  • Christmas chocolate advent calendars near every checkout
  • When paying for your items you will definitely have a mum in front of you, with a basket of items wanting to know the price of each item (who will probably walk out with nothing)
  • Long-ass queues
  • Parking road-rage

It’s the most wonderful time of the year?!

It’s the most stressful time of the year!

And like many, I’m not bikini ready. I will have to shave my legs daily in summer, finish up all work deadlines before break-up, try to enjoy my Christmas break while taking part in a 12-week weight loss challenge. Along with working two jobs and running a blog, when am I supposed to get my Christmas shopping done?

Running a blog has made Instagram my best friend. To me, Instagram is the modern day library, without a library card. It’s so resourceful with so much useful information (yes, stalking an ex counts) available on Instagram.  This year, I will be doing all my Christmas shopping via finds I have found on Instagram simply by scrolling.

The best part is, it can all get delivered to your letterbox or workplace. Even better, I wont have to deal with the chaos that is last-minute-Christmas-shopping-cray in shopping centres!

Here are some suggestions to help you get shopping (you are welcome):

  • Annabelle Toouli Fine Jewellery
    I’d recently purchased a ‘love necklace’ with my partner’s initial printed on it. It’s a stunning circle made of stainless steel on a thin nylon chain. Such a great gift for a girlfriend (for the boys reading),but mums, sisters and friends would all adore this necklace too.
  • Jack and Jill Boxes
    Are these not the cutest little personalised boxes you have ever seen?
    Don’t delay if you want one for Christmas @jackandjillboxes
  • Oh My Donut Melbourne
    Who doesn’t love donuts? Nutella has been such a craze this year, but can I tempt you to Salted Caramel? These would make the perfect client gift.
    Indulge here: @oh_my_donut_melbourne
  • Meraki soy candles  (Foundation Member GBA Club)
    Beautiful quality and long-lasting. Candles are the perfect gift (and are always safe for a fussy bunny). For the in-laws perhaps?
    Take a tour here: merakisoycandles
  • Uncle Jack Watches
    For the special man in your life who needs a new watch, this page is for you (great prices too!)
    Have a squiz here @unclejackwatches
  • Kasoobi Teepee stand (Super Girl Boss Member GBA Club)
    These gorgeous stands are made from maple and perfect for popping your iPad or cookbook on in the kitchen, great sibling gift.
    check them out here: @kasoobi
  • Etc.co (Supr Girl Boss Member GBA Club)
    Pure handmade soap is made from 100% plant oils and botanicals to gently cleanse your skin without stripping its delicate pH mantle, in hint to the
    explore here @etc.co


Keep up to date with Zerin’s blog here: http://insincerelyher.com 



Top TEN Hashtags #


According to a recent study there are ten hashtags you can use to increase your popularity on Instagram, but should you use them?

1. #fashion 226,331,871

2. #friends 205,584,309

3. #smile 186,288,083

4. #like4like 179,198,261

5. #instamood 160,361,499

6. #family 143,062,866

7. #nofilter 142,830,822

8. #amazing 141,014,689

9. #style 130,631,588

10.  #follow4follow 118,326,942

If your posts are set to public, you can add hashtags to your photos and videos.

To tag a photo or video, you should keep the following in mind:

  • When people with private profiles tag posts, they won’t appear publicly on hashtag pages.
  • Numbers are allowed in hashtags. However, spaces and special characters, like $ or %, won’t work.
  • You can only tag your own posts. You can’t tag other people’s photos/videos.
  • You can use up to 30 tags on a post. If you include more than 30 tags on a single photo/video, your comment won’t post.
  • When using hashtags you might consider popping them into the second comment.
Instagram and hashtags go together like Netflix and chocolate, and the good news for people with HASHTAGITIS is that they work, and there doesn’t seem to be a saturation point.
Content interactions are highest on IG posts with 11+ hashtags. Lots of popular accounts pop their hashtags into the first comment so that it gets hidden after the first few additional comments.

I found these recommendations for using hashtags and thought I would expand a little on them:

  • Use relevant keyword hashtags
    • when I post a feature on a particular business I look at what they do and choose a few keywords from the post: #handmade #sydney #girlbossesau #concretepots #birthdaygift
  • Use industry related hashtags
    • For a fashion business I might use tags like #fashionblogger #australianfashion #summerfashion #styleguide

Here is a great example from http://www.Bloomingrooms.com.au

Hashtags Blooming Rooms
Great use of relevant Hashtags on Instagram
  • Keep your audience in mind
    • you know the vibe from your followers and what they like, so it is reasonable that like minded people would also enjoy your feed,  e.g. you make teething toys you might tag #family #kids #love #teething
  • Don’t hijack hashtags
    • I know this is very tempting, and I wont even say I have never done it (sorry #Kreoloveslocals).  But if someone is running a special tag for a promotion or a competition and you snatch it, that will only frustrate them.


yours with hustle and heart